Oh My BL!
Hi! My name is Yuki.

I don't update this blog very much anymore but, when I do, I try to post a lot as I can, and also try to set up a queue.

I'm hugely biased by Kagepro, BTW~ I post BL cosplay. Fujoshi Dayoooo~ Enjoy your stay! If you don't like BL, then don't stay! I also accept Requests!


by LennethXVII



i am seriously digging worldcosplay's new layout


Haruka Nanase Inspired Street Wear by someteyuki
by KixxGerem
by KixxGerem
Is it okay to use some of the images you're reblogging for graphism? (no commercial use, rest assured!) Or is it better to ask the cosplayers?
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Please do ask the cosplayers instead! Thank you!

EDIT: If you need help to ask in the cosplayer’s language, just ask me, and I’ll see what I can do!

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I mute my cries and screams inside, by faking smiles and laughs outside.

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